Professor Liu Huawen Gives Lecture at the 74thAdvanced Academic Forum of “CASS Legal Scholars” and the 142nd “CASS J.M. Academic Salon


The Seventieth “CASS Legal Scholars” Advanced Academic Forum and the 142nd “CASS J.M. Academic Salon were held at the Graduate School of CASS University on December 2, 2018. At the Forum and the Salon, a lecture was given by Professor Liu Huawen, Assistant Director of CASS Institute of International Law, Executive Director of CASS Center for Human Rights Studies, Deputy Editor-in-chief of Chinese Review of International Law and Editor-in-chief of Chinese Yearbook of International Law. The topic of the lecture was “China and International Human Rights Law: Chinese Human Rights Ideas and International Human Rights Discourse and Practice”. The lecture was presided over by Professor Xi Yuemin, Head of Economic Law Department of CASS Law Institute and Deputy Dean of the Law Faculty of CASS University (CASS Graduate School). Professor Sun Shiyan, the Head of the Human Rights Department of CASS Institute of International Law, served as the commentator at the lecture,which was attended by over 200 Ph.D. candidates, master’s students and J.M. students from CASS University.

In the lecture, Professor Liu gave an introduction to the relationship between international law and China and the historical development of human rights in China and the achievements made by China in the protection of human rights during the past 40 years of reform and opening-up, summarized the Chinese human rights discourse system and its main characteristics, discussed the scope and the thinking mode of international law, stressed the importance of the correct understanding of Universal Declaration of Human Rights andUNhuman rights conventions, and explained the UN Human Rights Council and the governance of international human rights.