China to push transparency in administrative law enforcement


BEIJING, Jan. 3 (Xinhua) -- The General Office of the State Council has issued a guideline urging authorities to better inform the public and put the entire process of administrative law enforcement on record to increase transparency, justice and standardized practices.

Administrative law enforcement agencies nationwide should specify the responsible party for the release of information and ensure related information is made public via government websites, social networks or bulletin boards in a timely manner, according to the guideline.

The entire process of law enforcement should be recorded in the forms of text, audio or video, in order to keep track of the initiation, investigation, review decision-making and execution of cases.

For cases involving asset forfeiture and mandatory demolition, audio and video files should be kept of the whole procedure, it said.

In the guideline, the General Office also called on administrative law enforcement authorities to conduct legal reviews prior to all major decisions.

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