Li Lin: Building the Rule of Law in China


Li Lin, Building the Rule of Law in China, Beijing: Social Sciences Academic Press (China), 2017-11-26

Building the Rule of Law in China is written against the backdrop of China experiencing a major strategic adjustment in the rule of law. Professor Li, one of China's leading scholars in the field of jurisprudence, argues that China needs a more globalized and diversified vision for the science of law. This book also argues that, to be well positioned to promote the development of the rule of law in a robust and comprehensive manner, China needs to recognize two key prerequisites: (1) the need to think differently from the two major western mainstream legal cultures (the Anglo-American and continental systems) and (2) the need to learn and absorb essential aspects from the strengths that manifest in the legal systems of countries that have a very developed and well-organized rule of law. Building the Rule of Law in China contends that the development of a successful legal culture, uniquely suited to China, is dependent on this recognition. Building the Rule of Law in China provides a deeper understanding of this topic from a Chinese perspective for researchers and postgraduate students of Asian Studies, Chinese Studies, and law and for governmental and nongovernmental stakeholders in China, including business, governments and NOGs.